Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grilling Out

Now that Labor day has come and signaled the end of Summer, I try try to get in as much grilling as possible before the weather makes standing outside unbearable. On cooler evenings I like to wear a long sleeve shirt - roll up the sleeves while I'm by the grill and roll down while I dine out on the patio. 
Everybody has that favorite band tshirt they like to wear, I just decided to also wear one of my favorite long sleeve shirts along with it. The tshirt is one I got from Rise Against's 2015 tour when they played at the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion here in Chicago (Killswitch Engage opened for them if you were curious). The long sleeve shirt is a slim fit pearl snap from H&M I picked up a couple years ago. Pretty sure it's considered a flannel, but it's a lightweight one so it's a great weight.
Black slim jeans are one of those quintessential rocker style pieces. I don't consider them 

T-Shirt: Rise Against - 2015 tour | Pearl Snap: H&M | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Converse | 
Glasses: Warby Parker

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