Monday, April 25, 2016


April has been a little colder than I'm used to here in Chicago, but the weather is starting to turn. Hit the 70s on Sunday, and I think freezing temperatures should be gone until Fall. I can't quite put away my long sleeve shirts for the weekends. Soon though, the only long sleeve shirts I'll be wearing will be reserved for the office. Unless it's my hockey jersey - go Stars. 

Shirt: Eddie Bauer | Jeans: Joe's | Boots: Aston Grey | Sunglasses: Target


  1. I don't always wear long sleeve shirts, but when I do I roll them up to my elbow. Stay thirsty my friends...

  2. ..................... Really..... This ain't a blog post, that was a Twitter post, if you gone blog you better do it right. Next time put some respeck on it.